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No catfish were harmed in the making of our sauces! :-)

Over the last few years we have participated in many events in all areas of the United States. It is a great adventure for us to travel to different states and meet so many different people from all walks of life! We really do love our work, our company and believe fully in the quality and benefits of our sauces!

We lovingly and carefully custom craft high quality gourmet sauces, not just vinegar pepper and water based. We use NO pesticides or chemicals in growing the peppers and ingredients and we use no artificial fillers or ingredients in our sauces. Non GMO, Low salt, low sugar, gluten free. We are a family owned professional business and are part of GotToBeNC. We are a fully licensed, insured LLC, and the sauces are professionally made in a commercial kitchen with qualified staff on board.

I am perplexed, however, at some people's misunderstanding of our company name. This isn't relegated to one region; at every single show we have at least one person ask "Is it just for catfish?," or (yes this has happened a few times for real) "Does it have catfish in it?" Seriously...they were not even joking. So it caused me to step back and think....WHAT would make a few people think this way? I can understand, to a point, people asking if it is just for seafood or catfish, because in general, a sauce is named for what it is used for...BBQ Sauce, for instance, While I do realize that catfish is actually a food that is eaten, this line of thinking is interesting to say the least! Why would the idea of fish IN a sauce be appealing to anyone? (Other than a cat!)

There are sauces that have Dog, Cat, Goat, etc, in their NAME.. I would be interested to know if any of them were ever asked if Dog, Cat or Goat were used IN their sauce? Kind of humorous when you step back to look at it. I am sure I would not want to entertain the idea of actual catfish IN the sauces! NO CATFISH ARE USED IN OUR SAUCES, EVER :-)

So, to hopefully clear this misconception up, NO, there is no catfish in our sauces, ever. And no, our sauces are not just for catfish or just for seafood, or just for use as a sauce. Captain Catfish Sauces are ALL AROUND TABLE SAUCES that are a great enhancement to ANY AND ALL FOODS, including use as a marinade...ALL OF THEM. The flavor profiles hand crafted are complex and well thought out. The recipes are created in such a way to provide versatility and abundance of uses as you cook. We will be coming out with a cook book in the near future so stay tuned! Hope everyone has a great festive season, whatever you celebrate this time of year!


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